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About Our Dedicated Attorney And Our Respected Law Practice

At Whonsetler Law, PLLC, every case begins with a challenge and a promise.

The challenge is to protect a medical provider’s assets, career and peace of mind in the face of a threatening medical malpractice claim or lawsuit.

The promise is to work intelligently and determinedly to bring about the best results achievable in our client’s defense. Protecting their integrity and financial foundation is at the core of the representation offered at our firm.

Attorney Scott Whonsetler brings years of experience to the table. He will never settle for less than the best defense he can deliver. Learn about his background and qualifications through this link:

Malpractice Defense: A Force Many Providers Must Contend With

In attorney Whonsetler’s four decades of practicing law, he and his clients have experienced the many forces coming against health care providers in today’s high-pressure world of medical care.

Typically, patients at high risk of undesirable outcomes select doctors to prescribe medications, perform dangerous surgeries and otherwise treat them in the hopes of improving and recovering well. In reality, many last-ditch hopes are dashed as patients’ deterioration continues – and some look for a target to blame. Often it is the doctor or the hospital after some irregularity coincides with a prognosis of ongoing complications.

Individual patients, along with the general public, tend to assign any unfortunate medical outcome to the provider who was working hard to save and enhance patients’ lives. With this awareness, Whonsetler Law, PLLC, partners with doctors, clinics, therapists and hospitals to defend against weak or unmerited medical malpractice claims. We often take on complex cases involving verifiable medical mistakes and skillfully hold the line against liability excesses for our grateful medical provider clients.

A Path Forward Starting Now

For best results, schedule a consultation with a defense lawyer at the first hint that a malpractice claim or lawsuit may be on the way. Keep a minor problem from becoming a major one. For more information about what we can do for you, call 502-895-2297 or complete our online intake form.