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Zealously Defending Doctors And Other Medical Providers In Malpractice Cases

Last updated on February 12, 2021

Although nearly all physicians, hospitals and other health care providers carry medical malpractice insurance, a claim or lawsuit can pose a significant threat. Legal defenses are essential when excessive or unmerited claims come against a medical provider.

Fight Back Against Damaging Repercussions

All providers have strong incentives to defend against malpractice claims. Attorney Scott Whonsetler often develops compelling defense arguments to help doctors and hospitals avoid negative outcomes such as the following.

  • A health care provider will likely pay higher malpractice insurance rates after a significant payout through a settlement or verdict.
  • A provider faces a potential black mark on an otherwise successful medical practice when a patient brings accusations of malpractice. A harmed reputation may keep future desirable patients away.
  • Likewise, some doctors and hospitals become more selective after a negative malpractice case outcome in screening of patients they would otherwise agree to work with.

Turn To A Dedicated, Proven Advocate

At Whonsetler Law, PLLC, it is our mission to provide a valuable service to health care providers through our advocacy work. We enable our clients to keep caring for patients and doing what they do best, even in the face of menacing malpractice claims and lawsuits. Our clients gratefully place their trust in our skillful hands. In each case, we work to develop suitable defense strategies, possibly gathering evidence that:

  • The defendant (our client) is not liable for the negative medical outcome, for one of many possible reasons. For example, a different provider other than our client may have made a mistake or a medical device manufacturer may have released a defective product unbeknownst to the doctor or hospital.
  • The injured patient shares fault through high-risk behavior, failure to follow doctors’ orders or some other reason.
  • The alleged injury is not, in fact, a medical injury. It may be psychosomatic; it may be a worsening of a preexisting condition; it may be the result of natural degeneration; it may be purely coincidental. There may be other reasonable explanations that indicate an injury did not come about through medical malpractice.

Even in cases where a provider’s error and a patient’s injuries area unmistakable, our firm works to limit clients’ potential liability to a reasonable level.

Request An Attorney’s Evaluation In Full Confidence

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